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These are the lyrics to a song I wrote last weekend. An audio version can be found here The song is from two peoples point of view and changes a couple times shouldn't be hard to tell who is saying what. Hope you like it.


This fowl swine has committed the grave crime
Of performing sorcery
Send him to trial so that he may betray his clan
And then to the guillotine he must go

What kind of man betrays his empire?
Who could commit the acts which have lead him to death?
His crimes are denouncing our god,
performing rituals against nature and sodomy
Now lead him to his death

I see on the horizon
The place where
I will meet my bitter end
The powers that rest in me
All coming too
An untimely end
I shall place a curse on ye
That when I die
You will also meet your own ends
I'll die quick and suffer not
You all will endure
Torturous ends

They call me swine and so I act the part
I perform great sorcery
Now I'm on trail and I won't escape with my life
But my clan shall not join me as I go

Place him on the block
May God judge ye now
No final words for ye
Drop the blade


Destroy their lives now that they've taken mine.
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