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Originally Posted by Dyldo
I'm too lazy/busy to do any playing, but I'll mix/master whatever you guys end up doing if you do do it.


I have plenty of equip, but I can't brag, so you'll have to see my skills and judge for yourself, but I have:

1) An Electric Drumset, 1 snare, 1 base (double pedal), 3 toms, and 2 cymbals + hi hat cymbal and pedal. In other words, I hate it but I couldn't afford the extra $400 for the extra tom and cymbal (The set was $550 entirely... I think).

2) I also have a guitar, bass, guitar-amps, bass amp, mics and speakers with lil' ol' $30 mixer. So, whatever you need: drummer, guitarist, bassist, or vocalist, oh and keyboard. Basically, fill up as many positions as you can, and then take the position you WANT (So if you play guitar strictly, I'm just gonna let you play your guitar) and I'll just do the job nobody wants to do or can/will do.

3) Most importantly, for recording I have my mom's DVD cam, and a Saffire USB Interface. That one that is $200. Yeah, that one.

there ya go

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