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Originally Posted by Gomli
Dude man you must be one of toughest guys ever!

thank you i am
what's up with me trying to take paddy for some ride,what would i benefit from lying to you's say i understand calling me troll coz' ur buddy paddy gave me a nice comment and offered me a handjob later (and without a glove-so kind of him ) sum up..what can't you accept me amongst you and let's have some fun together,i'm not gonna be long here anyway...i have my own band,we've been practicing and playing and writing ( actually most of the writing was done by me) ....( oh,and you've only seen those lyrics for which i thought they're not that good but they just might do the job) ...i got my answers and i'm happy with them...u guys did gave some honest opinions and besides calling me troll i think you're still cool.... this goes out to everyone who made a bad comment on fact,almost everyone was commenting on me,not on my lyrics,there were some exceptions,like padyy and some other guys...i'll post one more lyrics soon..and i hope you'll comment on lyrics than,not me ...we've done me already

sory for such a long text here,but i guess i'm in the mood for writing,haha

and i'd like to ask you guys for some of the band? ....any good ideas? ... i have some of my own,but i won't tell them,yet...

looking forward to your answers

cheers to all of you guys and girls
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