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Originally Posted by Gomli
I`m sorry of course you`re a rapist too! Who is big hairy and a smell-this-cloth-and-get-in-the-van dude? You are! Who has two sacks full of dead little children in his basement? You of course
Hahaha "sacks full of dead children". I tip my cap to you, good sir. That sentence evoked a pretty unsettling image in my brain, and Christ knows how impressive that is when you consider how the deafening noise of my internal horror cinema pretty much drowns out any one particular thought.

Originally Posted by Last Man Standing
I'd be sad to if the only thing i knew and probably not even do that good was to suck my fathers tiny dick...

Ahh Gomers, you know I love ya, but you gotta admire this guy.

Originally Posted by Last Man Standing
hahaha...i thought it was 'bout elephants dressed in red hiding in a tree pretending 2 be an apple...hahaha
What drugs are you on, and can I have some mainlined directly into my eyeball?

Maybe we should rein things in a little and get back on topic. So LMS, what's the story behind these lyrics?
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