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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Heyheyhey, whoa there, Paddy isn't the only... um. Ah. Yea. Point is. Thing is. Point is - why is it always about what Paddy needs? What about... other people's... needs? Huh?

I`m sorry of course you`re a rapist too! Who is big hairy and a smell-this-cloth-and-get-in-the-van dude? You are! Who has two sacks full of dead little children in his basement? You of course

Originally Posted by LMS
you to are a fuckin idiot...i said it already...i'm eight - fucking- teen ( that's 18) coz' u obviously can't read either...maybe u can recognize numbers...or did mommy only thought you how to suck your fathers tiny dick..

Now I`m sad
C'est le chant des vieux arbres entonné pour toi,
Pour ces bois obscurs maintenant endormis.

R.I.P moe
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