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Originally Posted by PST 88
When I was in Italy, everyone watched The Bold and the Beautiful. They knew America was ahead on episodes, so they'd pump every American for information on future plotlines. But, unfortunately for them, there is a very low level of intersection between the set of Americans who travel to Europe and the set who regularly watch soap operas.
I feel your pain, people often come to me with questions about being fat and unemployed, but I'm too fat and unemployed to have formed any sound analyses of the problem! They'd be better off asking my old careers advisor, if it wasn't for her untimely suicide.

I watched the first feature-length episode of Twin Peaks, gonna start watching the main body of the series later. I only gave it a chance because David Lynch is fucking batshit, and Twin Peaks has pretty much influenced every psychological/survival horror game from Silent Hill onwards! It seems pretty bizarre and unsettling so far, so I'm thinking I'm gonna like it.
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