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Originally Posted by Last Man Standing
haha irishman is crazy ( coz' the crazy talk on burgeoning relationship ) nah,just kiddin' , and i'm totally with you on u and me against the world ...kill the fuckers aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa hahaha cheers my friend
I'm worried that things are moving too quickly. Maybe we should take some time to see other people? We can still engage in casual mutual masturbation, though. But I must insist that we use gloves because I'm still recovering from hand-syphilis after fingering a fat child.

Originally Posted by Dyldo
Fucking shoot me.

If you want, you can watch as LMS and I exchange glutens by a roaring fireplace on top of a lion skin rug to the sombre, honeyed tones of Sir Barry of White.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
Or maybe that should be noobie fucka.
It's their innocence; I find it irresistible. And an invaluable tool in winning myself some sexitimes with strangers.
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