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Soap operas are pornography without the cumshots/fisting. A long-running series isn't by definition a soap opera, and this applies to shows like Breaking Bad. Soaps are worthless, artless, meaningless drivel, and even when they try not to be they still are. The tethers anchoring a soap opera's characters and situations to reality are permanently pulled taught, and this is deliberate; the idea is to pique the most base aspects of our emotions and to allow us to wallow in them. Just as porn provides us with inspiration for better wanks with a slipshod story crowbarred in to give it some "context", soap operas provide us with indulgent emotional saturation. It's all inconsequential and instantly forgettable. It's the difference between the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and a mural in Belfast showing a man in shackles reaching up to the sky. They're both art, and they both have some place in our culture, but if one of them had to go I don't think even the most single-minded IRA man would put up much of a fight when his tawdry mural was scrubbed off the wall.

99% of the TV shows which come and go never appeal to me, because most of them are horseshit, but there's something about Breaking Bad which drew me in and kept me watching. It's the fourth serious drama show I've ever followed in my entire life, which is impressive to me at least! The show has its faults, the main one being that Walt White's character is given the green light to do things which wouldn't fly in any other show because he thinks he's dying. Another major fault is the tendency for massive coincidences to happen on a fairly regular basis, with certain characters crossing paths or affecting each other against the gravity of all statistical probability. However, the notion of a perfect, seamless piece of art is as big a myth as Fionn mac Cumhaill.
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