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Fact is, is there are no go-karts in prison...

But when not in prison: there are usually cars.

Thus segregating drug-addicts who willingly submit themselves to a "Softer prison," isolation from children, Christians, ect., thus, to rid the innocent children, elementry school children, women and elderly (It's all about protecting the weak), because in sense, it is pretty obvious that drug abuse in our country is a problem.

Drug abuse wouldn't be so bad if ACTUALLY were a victimless crime. The most vulnerable victim would be the user, who is also the cause of a hazard of neglect, violence, and uncontrollable bitching about their problems.

So, the "Sober party" wants people who use coke to go to jail.

Cokeheads, heroin addicts, and methheads all just want to shoot their shit.

I just tried to think of way to mold each sides' desires to a compromise that would benefit everyone.


I would also legalize pot and hallucinogens with restricted use. Imagine "Acid bars," where you submit $25, they give ya a hit of acid, you bring some weed, and then they take care of you the next 12 hours.

Me >> Nanci Peloci

EDIT PS: And when riding go-karts in drug town, helmets are optional... depending on the State.
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