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Okay, I've been practicing this:

P = Pointer, M = Middle, R = Ring, L = Little Finger (I had to think for that one)

RMPM+repeat, I have been trying to incorporate for everything.

I have been trying to incorporate my pinkie, and then I want to incorporate my thumb with lots of pops and slaps, or whatevers they do all technical on brutal death metal bass.

So I'm not sure what's the best for fundamental-physically best speed, but I been trying these.

LRMPMR + Repeat

LRMP + Repeat

or does anyone have their own formulas collaborated they don't mind sharing?

I was also wondering about FLICKING, I don't know if anybody does it, but I get the idea of plucking a struck normal, pulling my finger towards me, above the string, the flicking it DOWN through the string, if I can master some sort of "POWER FLICK" technique. Anyways, yeah, anyone more experienced than me wanna help set me in the right direction? Prease?

And Pr0az: Remember, POWER FLICK!
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