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Paddy, have you watched the latest Breaking Bad yet (episode before season finale)? That ending was fucking intense! Kind of left field and I still don't know how I feel about it, but it should make for an interesting finale. Christ.

Originally Posted by Paddy
The "One Minute" episode of Breaking Bad was fucking intense. Probably the best episode so far.

I've noticed that I've grown to dislike Walter White and Jesse Pinkman a great deal. Jesse is even more of a bratty cunt and Walt is completely unsympathetic, and seems to be turning into a soulless, self-serving manipulator. I actually want to see him get caught, but then there'd be no show...

Jesse has been annoying the shit out of me ever sense season two. He's a great character though. I'm on different level with Walt, or I have been, especially because of how Skyler treats him and the situation. She's a fucking cunt.
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