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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Something to be on the lookout for you might not know about are half speed mastered series. We had DSOTM and Magical Mystery Tour, but there were others -Fleetwood Mac Rumours and Alan Parson's Project - I Robot. What they did was slowed the master disc down so when it recorded it would get more sound on the lp it was recorded to. (I think that's how it went anyways.) But however it was done it produced a sound quality that was above and beyond for nuance. Most albums were about $10 to $15 back in the late 70's. Half speeds were twice that. The ones that are will say so somewhere on the cover, but check to make sure the album inside isn't a replacement.

I had no idea about that and am now really fucking intriqued to hear that. My mother has a copy of Magical Mystery Tour and I have Rumors so I'll be sure to check if its the half-speed mastered series.
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