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Originally Posted by Amadeus
But, it's nice that they're still producing the technology for using vinyl. Properly handled they'll last far longer than any factory engraved CD.

True dat. And it doesn't seem to matter if they're bakelite 78's or the vinyl 45's or 33 1/3's. They will last forever if you take care of them.

You guys have mentioned some good older systems. Some from back in my day were Fisher Studio Standard, Kenwood, JVC, Technics. I know there's more, but I'm jogging brain cells here. I've still got a ton of records and a few stereos of various sorts. Most of the Fisher stuff. Be careful of the year though cuz some was trash.

Something to be on the lookout for you might not know about are half speed mastered series. We had DSOTM and Magical Mystery Tour, but there were others -Fleetwood Mac Rumours and Alan Parson's Project - I Robot. What they did was slowed the master disc down so when it recorded it would get more sound on the lp it was recorded to. (I think that's how it went anyways.) But however it was done it produced a sound quality that was above and beyond for nuance. Most albums were about $10 to $15 back in the late 70's. Half speeds were twice that. The ones that are will say so somewhere on the cover, but check to make sure the album inside isn't a replacement.

I've still got cassettes I taped in the 70's that I still play. 8tracks floating around somewhere, but not many and I don't like the way they were formatted. I could kick my own butt for giving a reel to reel to Goodwill ages ago. So yeah, I've been through all types of recorded media.

BE GOOD TO YOUR NEEDLES!! And always handle by the edges. Take off the plastic on the cover if it's still there unless it's unopened. Leave it alone if it is. It's worth more that way.
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