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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Yeah, I love vinyl and the whole concept of it.

Absolutely. I've got Louis' Hello, Dolly and it makes me cream my self just thinking about it. Another gem I have is a white, limited 200-print of Ulver's Shadow of the Sun. I had to have it, as that album just sounds like it'd be ripe for vinyl (and it is).

Most of my collection is older jazz and blues with some current music in the mix. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Arethla Franklin, Edith Piaf, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, etc with some of the more standard Classical stuff strewn throughout. Modern stuff: Couple Judas Priests, Pig Destroyer (Prowler in the Yard, sounds extra smooth), Opeth, B5-2s, etc.

There's a lot of new stuff I'd love to have on vinyl, but its always $20+, and half the fun of vinyl is getting that shit at a 90% discount!

Awesome, I have some Aretha Franklin and Miles Davis that I got from my uncle. Good stuff.

I can imagine Ulver sounds pretty dope on vinyl..

I agree with the new stuff, it isn't fun to dish out 20 bucks a record. It's fun to dish out 20 bucks for 20 records though!!!
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