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Originally Posted by Amadeus
I'm not really much into the technical aspects of vinyl, apart from what I've picked up from DJ friends and then we're talking equipment like Technics 1200, perhaps not what you'd lug home to the living room. Though it would be kinda cool to own something like a SL-1100, just to feel some of the vibe of old Kool Herc himself.
I'm ashamed to say that as far as my own DJ aspirations have gone, I've remained at CD's, DVD's and computer files. And cassette tapes, as a backup. Well, you never know.

It's actually not all that easy to find something decent around here, if you're just looking for something to use at home. It's definitely not something you'd pick up on High street.

Ah yeah, the Technics SL, they can be considered classics I guess. In the better vinyl stores over here you'll find them when you want to listen to the vinyl that you are intending to buy. They're 'DJ-decks' but they actually got some very good reviews from some audiophiles.

It's not hard to pick up something good here on the used market!
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