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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Jeez, is that thing meant for playing records, or simply strangle you in your sleep, suck your brain out through your nose and replace it with its own self produced sentient offspring?
But, it's nice that they're still producing the technology for using vinyl. Properly handled they'll last far longer than any factory engraved CD.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if it could be shown under controlled circumstances that classical music has measurable effects. I've found both classical music and death metal in conjunction with advanced math to be downright narcotic.

Ah yes, they're even producing entry-level audiophile grade turntables for people on a budget nowadays. That's the great thing about a medium that has been developed for ages. (turntables like the Pro-Ject Debut III Esprit and Rega P1)

I'm more into the classic stuff, Thorens, Linn, Dual...

It's easy to find a turntable for a few bucks, just walk into a pawn shop or something. Plenty of used items around as well. Though there seems to be a run on Thorens turntables lately..

Ahyeah, check out this link about the psychology behind classical music: http://cognitive-psychology.suite10...classical_music
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