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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Paddy,I'm disappointed. You said "from the North Pole" instead of "with the" or "with his."
You're disappointed that I didn't make some twisted comment about Santa sliding his massive gnarled pole in and out of a midget's anus, stretching and tearing it with every cold, passionless thrust, withdrawing suddenly and violently allowing loops of bowel to spill out in its wake like a trembling dog shitting overcooked spaghetti, with gushing arcs of bile and blood lapping up around Santa's fat pendulous gut as he slowly slides his clenched fist along the shaft of his softening cock, gradually easing the migrant faecal milk out of the pockmarked, pale-blue, bulbous apple of his member, and then proceeding to pat the midget's sweat-drenched forehead with it so as to literally thump out any renaming pleasure clinging to its nerve endings? You've been spending WAY too much time here, woman.
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