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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Hand in the air.

The crown jewels probably are da original Black Sabbath and recordings of Serenade 13 by Mozart and La forza del destino Overture by Verdi conducted by the man Karajan himself.

I've got a real old stereo, Sharp, that I nicked from my parents when I left home. It's probably the Hi-Fi equivalent of a gurgling Ford from the sixties, but it has a vinyl player so I'll hang on to it until it disintegrates into its constituent components.

Nice, I still need some Verdi! I have some Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel. Classic music helps me concentrate in a weird way. I think I read a scientific study about classic music and helping epileptics concentrate. Guess it works for me too

I spotted an old Thorens pickup in a shop a while back, lots of vinyl-fans swear by Thorens. Have heard one but I wasn't too impressed.. I went into an audiophile store a while back where they had a Transrotor player there.

Looked awesome. Had an awesome pricetag as well! (150.000 USD! )
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