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Thumbs up Put your hands up if you're a vinyl addict!

*puts left hand up* (holding beer in right)

So yeah, who's into vinyl here?

I was just wondering since I'm hooked to vinyl.

I know, it's not the most practical medium to store music on but it has a certain vibe that is just awesome.

Especially with music that was meant to be heard on vinyl, like the 1957 Louis Armstrong record I'm listening now. It sounds so much better then the digital version.

Don't get me wrong, I have an iPod and use it a lot. In my car, on my bike, in the train, everywhere. I have my computer hooked up with an optical cable to my amp with build-in DAC converter. Great way to listen to downloaded content. I rip all my CD's in FLAC or apple losless format for the best quality. It took me ages but I ripped all my cd's, those are now locked up in the basement.

Anyways, back to vinyl! I have a small collection (about 200 records) and I borrow records from my girlfriend, who has a fuckload of them. My own stuff ranges from very early Anthrax, DIO, Ratt to rock like Whitesnake, Van den Berg and some old jazz/blues.

I love finding places to buy vinyl, this week I walked into an store that sold used books and the guy had thousands of records in the back. Just stacked in boxes. I took an hour to search through a few of them and bought about ten records for two bucks a piece. I'll be back at that place again, that's for sure!

I'm currently listening to vinyl on a vintage Philips deck through a Marantz Pm75 amplifier and Linn Keilidh speakers.

So, who's into vinyl? What stuff do you listen? And what gear do you use?
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