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I'd also vote for Ampeg. Used 8x10's usually aren't hard to find. Their head's are fairly expensive though, although should last a very long time. I have an Ampeg 6x10 and an Ampeg SVT Classic head. I got a wicked deal for them off ebay. Both were new, and after shipping/taxes I believe the amp was around $800cdn and the head was $1300. If you see something like this used though, you can pretty much half those prices.

Edit - Also, I must say Ampeg can produce an amazing tone with can fit a multitude of genres. Their solid-state SVT 3-SVT4 series are very versatile. The SVT Classic can produce wonderful tones as well. I have a very similar tone to Alex Webster(very clicky and warm), although that may also be because of the Spector bass.

The amp before this, my first, was a Peavey Microbass. haha. It was well worth the investment. Cheers.
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