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Forbidden Skies

These are the lyrics from my last song (DM).
The fact is that after playing this crap 1st time live at the third chorus the people were already singing the lyrics with me (and I do some low growls). Maybe because of the chorus' 1st line that sounds more like a pop cliche.
Please post some comments about this SHIT! It will help me a lot!

Forbidden Skies

I know what you feel inside
I feel the same way too,
I know where you go when you hide.
I know the pain and sorrow cries
At night I'm crying too,
Forever darkness in your eyes.

When you need me I'll be there
To wash away your pain
When you call me by your grave
I shed a tear
When you'll call me I will rise
Under forbidden skies
When you turn away I'll come
To bring the silence.

And feelings that past before
The acheing memories,
Your image in a burning star.
Nights when I was in your dreams
An everflowing stream
Keeping alive your unmasked side.

[solo 1]

The moonlit sky, calling you
In the rageous waves aside
The silver sand has lied.
You couldn't run away from your death
So I stayed by your side
And joined you in your endless ride.
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