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The "One Minute" episode of Breaking Bad was fucking intense. Probably the best episode so far.

I've noticed that I've grown to dislike Walter White and Jesse Pinkman a great deal. Jesse is even more of a bratty cunt and Walt is completely unsympathetic, and seems to be turning into a soulless, self-serving manipulator. I actually want to see him get caught, but then there'd be no show...

I've been watching House for a while now, I'm on series four (my bro has the DVD boxset, just working my way through 'em). I didn't think I'd be into it, but I'm hooked, and I think Hugh Laurie has a lot to do with that. That said, it's incredibly formulaic, which is irritating. They come up with a few flimsy diagnoses at the beginning which no one expects to work, then half way through the episode they all agree on a diagnosis that they think HAS to work but given that there's still 20 minutes left in the episode you know it's not gonna, then House will be talking to someone about something arbitrary and they'll say something like "...and then I broke it off inside and had to call a vet" which will cause House to stare off into space for a second, like he's just had an idea, which he then translates into something medicalish which becomes the final diagnosis. The show very rarely deviates from this pattern, and you can see the cardiac arrests and comas coming a mile off.

Still good, though.
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