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Thanks; this is one that I've been chipping away at for some time.

Well, what I did here is that the same lyrics describe both the actual walk, and the little guy who kept station with me, as well as what I was musing about at the time. Okay, this gets convoluted, but hey, that's the whole reason for putting it in words like this!
When picking leaves for a wreath you have to be careful, you don't have much choice but to pick them one at a time from the twig. Same thing, in a way, with humans, we all live only one life and that's it. But add together, let one lifetime connect with another, and another, and another - such as the scientific adventure, or the development of music. And all aspects of everything has a place when you want to understand it - the fragrant wreath of understanding can only be made complete with both the material and sublime. Not clawing each other's eyes out, but complementing.
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