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One was There

And I promise I did not intentionally get the idea of the feather at the end from Amadeus. It happened while I was writing and just fell into place at the end. Thanks for reading.

"One was There"

I felt a smile behind me
But when I turned no one was there
Just waves of bright goldenrod floating quietly
But going nowhere

Sat me down on a rock by the road
Thoughts blistering like the overhead sun
I heard a voice behind me
But when I turned no one was there

Will I switch my place with shadows
Led around by a hidden thread
Reel myself back when I get out of line
I do it time after time

Take my hand, walk with me
Drown my pain with your smiling eyes
I felt a touch on my shoulder
And I turned

Peace molded my heart
At your very sight
Unfamiliar face yet recognizable spirit
Like peering through an old, warped window

All thought seemed to take it's proper place
Curiously peeking through the gold
I reached out
But when I touched no one was there

Never the feather floating listlessly by
Too controlled and abrupt
See the shadow smiling

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