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Fall across the small hours of the night
Fall across a walk in the woods
Fall across what you've remembered to forget
It's fall alright
Old eyes on a new sight
Every morning a new sight
Old eyes on an old sight
Some bench you sat down and never left
And a feather, floating on the wind

A vision of a light that isn't there
Some music that isn't real
Soft to the eye, soft to the touch
Hard to the one sitting on the bench
Yea, keep on walking, serves you right
In your perspective
A feather, floating on the wind

A confession, a surrender
There are no stories, no beginnings, no ends
It's always a matter of now read on
So if you know, feel free to tell me
How one recognizes, at the time
A few final words on a train platform
Train standing, platform backing
Turning, walking, who're you kidding
And a feather, floating away on the wind
Listening to Cannibal Corpse and cutting trees with a chainsaw, now that's metal

"He preferred the hard truth over his dearest illusion. That, is the heart of science."
- Carl Sagan

"Imagination is more important than intelligence" - Einstein
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