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Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
I agree 100%, Office Space did terribly at the box office when it was released for that very reason and now it's become a classic. Funny how Beavis and Butthead was so instant gratification in-your-face and then Office Space and KotH were so subdued, though no less funny. Definitely one of my favorite TV shows, there's just something about it. It's very comforting to watch for some reason.
Yes! Oh GOD yes! I think the comforting feeling probably came from the "wholesomeness" of Hank, trying to hold together the fraying ends of decency and oldschool American values. It's like, the world's alright with Hank, so have a beer and don't talk about your feelings haha.

Every time Bobby did something a little bit effeminate or wimpish Hank's facial expression and troubled sigh would set me off. It never got old. His impatience with Luanne's stupidity was more or less the same deal.

This week's South Park was pretty good, I thought. I was delighted to see Nathan's character again, he needs to be in more episodes. Cartman's speech during the intervention was definitely a highlight.
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