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Originally Posted by Chris Rezendes
The lady who did the voice of LuAnne died toward the end of production, I believe. I could be wrong.
Fuck, you're right; she died of pneumonia. She was replaced with another actress, though. Apparently the show was cancelled because of declining ratings. It was my hope that it'd receive a boost from DVD sales, as was the case with Family Guy, but the fuckers won't release the last several seasons on DVD over here. The ratings were so low that they don't feel it's worth the effort haha, fuck sake.

I think KotH is an extremely underrated show. Its humour is much more subtle than most people expect from a cartoon, which is what I'm assuming turned people off to it. It's one of the most consistently funny shows, too. Oh well, RIP.

I watched all of the currently available episodes of Breaking Bad in like 2 days. It's fucking gripping stuff, even though the believability of the plot is stretched at certain points. I think the show gets away with a lot of the sillier moments by reminding us of the fact that the main character thinks he's going to die in a year or two, so he therefore has license to do crazy shit without fear, but the performances are strong enough to patch up any cracks. I was happy to see Danny Trejo pop up for a few episodes, the guy's a fucking legend.

The scene showing the Mexican religious ritual of crawling to the altar of a death saint, and watching the two psychopathic hitmen taking part, was transcendent. I actually got an erection.

I've been looking into buying the show's DVDs or Blu-rays, but the UK has only got the first series so far. In this day and age I can't understand region restrictions on digital media, especially when most DVD players can have their restrictions easily disabled.

Gonna watch the new South Park episode tonight, Jimmy and Timmy star in this one, it's gotta be good.
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