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Originally Posted by Paddy
Chris, have you ever watched Mr. Show? It's a sketch show written and performed by David Cross and some other guy. I came across it (ha!) by chance a while back, it's not bad.
Pussy Time '88 used to try to get me to watch it and I always told him I would. Eventually I did and liked it a lot, though I only saw a couple of episodes and haven't seen any since. I'd definitely download a season or two to watch some more when I'm more mindful. I might even pick up a DVD if I can find one used or cheap at Newbury Comics or someplace similar. Do they have those in the rest of the country or is it a Mass thing?

I remember being greatly amused, though... just a very unique, trippy, style of comedy that reminded me what would happen if you crossed old Kids in the Hall episodes with the Tenacious D episodes that used to air on HBO. Then again, considering Cross and Odenkirk were producers of the Tenacious D show, maybe that's not so weird.

Originally Posted by Paddy
Moe is probably my favourite. The guy never fails to crack me up, he puts me in mind of myself 15 years from now, minus the job and the friends. Similarly, Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill (a fucking great show which the bastards CANCELLED ) is an alternative yet equally likely premonition of things to come

The lady who did the voice of LuAnne died toward the end of production, I believe. I could be wrong.

I haven't checked out Breaking Bad, but I know it's the type of thing I would get into. Therefore, I won't.

I got into the first season of Prison Break HARDCORE, then it went to shit, so fuck getting hooked on any testosterone based drama bullshit.
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