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Originally Posted by Dystopia
This one time, one of the stoniest highs I had ever been... stoned?... I was watching UFC, or King of The Cage/Rumble on the Rock/Something, I was really stoned, and my hardass cousin was sitting on the couch next to me, and I got a boner while the two fighters were grappling, one taking the others back in the guard ect., and I think it may have been 'the urge to urinate', but I was too embarrassed to move and my face went red, and I had a boner (3-4 tenths). True story.

Oh, and I was LITERALLY worried that minute that I had the "gay gene." Serious.
Haha inconvenient/unwanted boners are an integral part of a healthy male lifestyle. I don't think getting a stiffy looking at a bloke makes you gay any more than getting a stiffy looking at a melon with a hole in it makes you a fruitosexual. At least that's what Big Bill, my personal ass-gaper, is always telling me.

I imagine watching two guys knock seven shades of shit out of each other is the last thing you'd want to do stoned, though. Aren't there better stoner shows that help you get the most out of the experience? I'm thinking Sesame Street, maybe even a lil' 70s SNL.

Originally Posted by PST 88
With regards to The Wire: It's really as good as TV gets. But it's hard to get into, because the story is the season, not the episode, and that's a really hard adjustment to make. The first episode of any given season is only interesting insofar as you're willing to see it as the opening chapter of a season-long novel, which is in a lot of ways radically different from the way you evaluate episodes of a TV show naturally.
It often pains me that I have such a fickle attention span. I'm thinking of giving this shit another go, because I feel like I'm missing out. I'm gonna give Breaking Bad a whirl first, though.

Originally Posted by PST 88
Then again, you might just not like it. Because you're retarded.
Retarded is as retarded does, sir. And believe me, it does.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
We still watching The Simpsons, FG, AD, and TCS. Sometimes they all have their really bad moments, but sometimes they can be pretty amusing. Marge is my idol anyways so I still like watching her.
When my kids were younger I was one of those parents that wouldn't let them watch it, but they talked me into watching it with them once and I was hooked.
I think Marge is one of the most underrated characters The Simpsons has. She started out as a bit of a "straight woman", giving Homer and Bart something to bounce their zany whims off of (ewwww), but she started to get her own unique sense of humour in later seasons.

Moe is probably my favourite. The guy never fails to crack me up, he puts me in mind of myself 15 years from now, minus the job and the friends. Similarly, Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill (a fucking great show which the bastards CANCELLED ) is an alternative yet equally likely premonition of things to come

EDIT: I'm 4 episodes into Breaking Bad and I'm hooked. Thanks for the recommendation, Dylderton
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