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Originally Posted by Paddy
I don't watch UFC or TUF, it gets me riled up and then I realise that I'd probably die in two seconds in a real fight, and then I just feel depressed and emasculated. And horny.

This one time, one of the stoniest highs I had ever been... stoned?... I was watching UFC, or King of The Cage/Rumble on the Rock/Something, I was really stoned, and my hardass cousin was sitting on the couch next to me, and I got a boner while the two fighters were grappling, one taking the others back in the guard ect., and I think it may have been 'the urge to urinate', but I was too embarrassed to move and my face went red, and I had a boner (3-4 tenths). True story.

Oh, and I was LITERALLY worried that minute that I had the "gay gene." Serious.
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