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Originally Posted by Dystopia
Yes, I DVR that shit. Cleveland show too, even though it is probably the most primitive (LOL GETITZ!!?) show on Fox, not counting boring reality shows.

The only good reality show I have ever seen is TUF, The Ultimate Fighter. They actually got a pretty fabulous gay guy on there this season. He does the lisp, the thing with the back of his wrist against his back hip, EVERYTHING! And this one black guy gets accused of stealing show. Meh, looking back and being a realist, that show is fucking gay, but all TV is a waste of time. Why else would we watch it?

Back to Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, ect. Seth McFar is a funny guy, but you know what? I'M a funny guy. Seinfeld is a funny guy. Kramer's funny. Ect. It just happens that Peter Griffin, Quagmire, Brian, Lois and Joe are all successful, and fruitful, characters created by the imagination of this one guy. He's made several episodes, and lots of money. That's how you do it. You wanna be like him? Start a web comic, then a Flash series. Adult Swim might give ya $500 for it eventually.
I think Seth reached a plateau several years ago, but up until that point his work was fresh and broke some new ground. That said, his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy was pretty solid. It's basically the same humour you'll find in Family Guy, but it's like a series of random "sketches" with no real narrative. Plenty of new characters and bizarre situations, and it even features a midget! SCORE! I think you can watch it in segments on YouTube if you're interested.

I don't watch UFC or TUF, it gets me riled up and then I realise that I'd probably die in two seconds in a real fight, and then I just feel depressed and emasculated. And horny.

I was a fan of Drawn Together when I first saw it, but I recently attempted to re-watch it and I didn't laugh once. Fucking shame, you'd think watching a cartoon pig have a wank would never get old. They released the Drawn Together movie this month, I have it on my hard drive, maybe it'll rekindle my interest.
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