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Originally Posted by Dystopia
FAMILY GUY, other Fox cartoons
Family Guy was my favourite 'toon for years, but after around season 5 I realised that Seth MacFarlane is a talentless, hacky cunt. I still watch it though

Do you watch American Dad? I think it's far more consistent than Family Guy, even though it's virtually the same show haha.

The Cleveland Show is probably the worst cartoon I've ever seen. Out of all of the characters Family Guy has Cleveland is the last one I would have given his own show! The bear who lives next-door to him is fucking insufferable, too. I mean, I fucking hate him and his stupid fucking voice with a PASSION.

I don't even bother watching The Simpsons anymore, it's too painful.

Originally Posted by PST 88
I want to check out Treme.

That is all.

Also, everybody quit being gay.
I hadn't heard of this until now, sounds interesting. I think there have only been two "serious" TV shows I've watched with any enthusiasm. The first was a British show called Cracker, about a criminal psychologist working with the cops to track down and interrogate killers (it had a brief and unsuccessful re-imagining in the States). Nice gritty depressing drama which gave me an excuse to stay up late on school nights in the early 90s. The second was The Sopranos, a show I put off watching until 2006 because I was convinced it was a shitty Goodfellas cash-in show for chest-beating wannabe gangster morons. Ahh I love being wrong! And I'm so good at it, too!

I tried getting into The Wire, because I'd heard amazing things about it, but I couldn't get through the first episode. I had a similar experience with Oz, although I watched about 5 or 6 episodes of that before giving up haha. Meh, I'm not sure what I actually want from a TV show, to be honest.

Any Frasier fans? I hate predictable, formulaic sitcoms like these, but I've been watching it with my dad and it's grown on me somewhat. It's certainly more watchable than Friends, Scrubs and similar cock-water.
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