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Originally Posted by Enviedbynone
Boiling your strings is a very useful technique to save money and restore the lost sound quality of old strings, specially if you are using a 6, 7 or odd stringed bass. But the sound quality and string durability does decrease each time.
Yes it does work on guitar strings as well, though when tried with guitar strings I always end up breaking one soon after, for guitar just buy new ones, dont waste your time, unless you are in desperate need of new strings and dont have the cash to get them.
If you can afford to replace strings everytime you need new ones, go for it, but if you dont have such money its worthwhile to unwind and boil your strings.

Exactly, I play a six string bass and boil them at least a few times before I buy more. The price of new strings for me is at least $40. I just can't always afford that every three months.
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