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I've heard of a few independent programmers who've taken it upon themselves to develop Power Tab 2.0 rather than waiting for Brad Larsen to do it, but there's scant information about these projects at the moment. I've attempted to transfer my tabs into the current version of Power Tab, so that more users could bask in the glowing shining light of awesomeness that they are, but I always give up after about 10 minutes; I just find the interface to be unforgiving.

GP is the one I feel most comfortable with, although the first tab program I ever heard of or tried out was TablEdit. When I first discovered it my cock was awash with effervescent joy-globules, because I didn't even know such programs existed! I soon discovered that TablEdit was probably the shittiest tab editor on the market, though.

I'll be sticking with GP5 for the foreseeable future. I might revisit GP6 after the first or second incremental version is released (6.1 or whatever).
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