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Originally Posted by Paddy
Listening now, the host sounds adorable, is she old enough for me to be having unnatural thoughts about her? She sounds sweet on you, and it's difficult not to incorporate the both of you into some sort of mental sex sandwich with me as the filling.

You don't sound as I imagined you would from listening to your music. Not sure what I expected haha, but there ya go.

Hahahaha you're Irish!! I knew that last name of yours had a familiar ring to it.

"I'm so philanthropic" is probably the best line I've ever heard on a radio show.

She was Korean and she was kind of cute. She was in her early 20s so, unfortunately, she isn't old enough to have unnatural thoughts about her.

Ahaha, I know.. I have a very nerdy voice.

I'm Irish, Welsh, and German.. I guess I'm more Irish? I don't know I just blurted that out.

Check my band out:
i'm so ronrey
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