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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Do you use SoulSeek, Ian? I just did a search for Datsik and tons of their shit pops up (and the dude I'm DLing off of is going at 630 k/s!).

If you haven't used SoulSeek, you definitely need to get it as you can find some really rare shit on there. I'm not sure if there is a puss- I mean, Mac version, but if they don't I strongly suggest going as far as setting up a VM to run windows so that you can use SLSK (and if you did, then you'd be able to use those music programs we discussed).

Damn, I always just look for torrents and have been having trouble with them. I'll check out SoulSeek and see if it works.

Damn, there's enough info in this thread to keep me occupied for a while!

Damn, I start my sentences with damn.

Originally Posted by moe_blunts
You guys heard of Vex'd? fast forward a minute or so in

That's some scary Dubstep there. Never heard of him before. Definitely more of a "hypnotic" sounding dubstep, though. Not a whole lot of change, but still cool.

EDIT: Dylan, just checked soulseek... it doesn't support HOW AWESOME MACINTOSH COMPUTERS ARE.
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