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Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime during summer fo sho.

I've gotten so used to my keyboard that I use it for recording (and then quantize, of course). Mine is fully weighted with 88 keys, though, I'm not sure if yours is?

AL sounds so awesome now that I have to get it, since my band is a major mix of electronic/rock. Is your band playing any shows one day? I swear, one day we have to have a MT band fest, along with any associated bands... it'll be a really fucking weird mix of music haha.

I'm gonna go listen to that last track tonight... can't imagine this guy doing something that isn't electronic.

Nah, no shows for Deadhead Roses. My drummer is living in Colorado right now to get some money so he can move back out here so anything live with him is postponed until then (we continue to write though). However! I'll probably be playing some solo shows in the summer (singing/guitar/dulcimer). I'll let you know about that if you're interested in coming out.

I think an MT music fest would be next to impossible considering that everyone lives scattered around the globe. If by some chance a few of them manage to all congregate in one place (riot police will be present, no doubt), I doubt they'll be able to bring their entire band and equipment with them. I think Nomad should get off his golden thrown that has been paid for by us and give all the mods plane tickets to meet somewhere, all expenses paid. That motherfucker is filthy rich, as green as this board! I know it! The regs can get half-off, I guess..

Yeah, that last track, "Absence" is actually really pretty too.
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