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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Yeah man, stop by any time and I can show you around my "studio" (aka my computer). You'll see how I got it all set up and what I use and if you want anything I can just burn it for you. You should be able to run EW through logic. Yeah, I use a pretty basic M-Audio MIDI keyboard. I don't really record with it all that much. I more use it to build up a basic idea and then, depending on the riff, punch in the MIDI notes manually. I'm weird.

Ableton Live is pretty fucking sweet. It has a sequencer, but that isn't at all its major function. Its scary well made and is so goddamn friendly and intuitive for live electronica. I suggest torrenting it and playing around with it.

Glad you like it so far. I actually got introduced to that album by the very last track, which isn't electronica at all, which is a great guitar piece that I heard on UCI's college radio station and said to myself: "Must.. have" and the next day was greeted unexpectedly by some seriously great electro. That album achieves a fucking great atmosphere that remains consistent throughout and actually "feels" like an album, juxtaposed alongside most electronic albums that just feels like a playlist of songs with little relation to each other.

I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime during summer fo sho.

I've gotten so used to my keyboard that I use it for recording (and then quantize, of course). Mine is fully weighted with 88 keys, though, I'm not sure if yours is?

AL sounds so awesome now that I have to get it, since my band is a major mix of electronic/rock. Is your band playing any shows one day? I swear, one day we have to have a MT band fest, along with any associated bands... it'll be a really fucking weird mix of music haha.

I'm gonna go listen to that last track tonight... can't imagine this guy doing something that isn't electronic.
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