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Yeah man, stop by any time and I can show you around my "studio" (aka my computer). You'll see how I got it all set up and what I use and if you want anything I can just burn it for you. You should be able to run EW through logic. Yeah, I use a pretty basic M-Audio MIDI keyboard. I don't really record with it all that much. I more use it to build up a basic idea and then, depending on the riff, punch in the MIDI notes manually. I'm weird.

Ableton Live is pretty fucking sweet. It has a sequencer, but that isn't at all its major function. Its scary well made and is so goddamn friendly and intuitive for live electronica. I suggest torrenting it and playing around with it.

Glad you like it so far. I actually got introduced to that album by the very last track, which isn't electronica at all, which is a great guitar piece that I heard on UCI's college radio station and said to myself: "Must.. have" and the next day was greeted unexpectedly by some seriously great electro. That album achieves a fucking great atmosphere that remains consistent throughout and actually "feels" like an album, juxtaposed alongside most electronic albums that just feels like a playlist of songs with little relation to each other.
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