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Oh that makes sense now, I'd just have to take a while to figure out the whole set up. Converting and importing WAV starts to get really crummy after you bounce it, because you eventually start bouncing WAV audio files as WAV audio files I did this for a student film I scored and it got kinda sloppy...

Maybe some time you can show me your set-up/home studio. Do you use a MIDI keyboard?

Right now with Logic & EastWest samples I'm pretty set, but if I learned to use reason and run it through Logic that would be pretty awesome for the future. And that house show I played in OC had TONS of guys using Ableton Live for their electronic stuff, but I haven't used it yet. Is it just another sequencer?

I've listened to the first few tracks on Totems Flare... really raunchy electronica haha. The breakdown of Growls Garden is still one of the coolest things I've heard. So far its really awesome, and I'm gonna give the rest a play today

I've also noticed that most of Rusko's stuff besides Woo Boost I can't really get into... anybody else listen to Rusko? He has an album called OMG or something, and I don't have that but I got his discography otherwise. I don't know why that wasn't on his discography though.
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