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Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
I'm a cheap motherfucker, Dylan! DL it right now after hearing the track you linked. I need to listen to that in some better quality, and preferably on some awesome speakers... and I plan to do this as soon as possible.

Good, as long as you get to hear the album. I can send it to you if you have trouble DLing it. That album begs to be played loud.
Originally Posted by JoeYngVai
how do you run one program through another? And wtf are the advantages?

Whoa, whoa.. you've never used plug-ins or any VSTis? The advantages are simplicity and organization. Lets say you have 3 programs that you use to create music: Reason, Cubase, and Fruity Loops with Cubase being your template (i.e. you put all of your tracks into it and do your EQing there). Instead of having all three programs running independently and having to constantly switch between the three and importing everything in to Cubase, you can sync them all up to run together.

I'm having trouble finding the words to adequately explain it, so let me give you a personal example. Before I did this and I had a song that used all three of the above mentioned programs I had to do this: Create Cubase template and specify BPM. Then open Reason, match BPM, write something with some synth, save and export it to a .wav, and then import back it into Cubase. Then I had to do this same process with the other programs which meant that if I ever wanted to change even a single note with one of the imported files, I had to go back into the specific programs and change the note, save and export it again and then re-import the new file back into Cubase. THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY. There is!

Syncing them all together would do this: Open Cubase and create a VST track for all the programs I want (so there is a specific MIDI track for each program and when I click the track, the program can be accessed through it). I want to record a measure with a synth in Reason. I click the the Reason track and record. It records right there in Cubase and I don't have to do any export/importing and if I want to change anything I can just edit the MIDI file and change it right there. If I want to change the BPM of the song or change the time signature I only do it in Cubase as they're all running through it.

That might be kind of confusing.. it might be something you have to see in the works to get the feel of it. It's pretty easy to set up and I'm sure I could help you do it. I've only done it with Cubase and Ableton but I don't imagine its very different for ProTools or whatever you might be using.
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