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Yeah, dubstep is pretty rad. To be honest though, I'm pretty newbish about it as I'm only familiar with a few artists. A local Uni radio station always has DJs on playing the shit and I usually try and tune into listen to their sets whenever I can. This genre really seems to be exploding over the last year or so as I keep seeing and hearing about it more and more. This is a good thing because, for the most part, it demands a lot more from the writer and the listener and will hopefully shake people awake from their un-seh-un-seh^93763 trance coma, an unfortunately common side-effect that plagues electronic music. And yeah.. this shit is produced amazingly well. Speaking of amazing production..

Hey Ian (and anyone else that is looking for the following): do you really want to shit your pants? I mean, do you have a honest-to-god burning desire to have a burning release? Do you truly want to have an explosive, sonically-induced anal abortion that will lay waste to your entire residential plumbing system? Then check out an album called Totems Flare by an artist named Clark, specifically the track "Growls Garden" (which you can listen to here: Unfrotunately his myspace doesn't have a full version [of any song really, and the majority of everything else that's up are remixes and shit, definitely not a good introduction to him which may be in part due to the fact that pretty much everything before this specific release isn't anything that impressive] so you'll have to check out it on the provided youtube link with greatly decreased sound quality). 2:08 of that song is so fucking badass I can't get over it. Prescription strength laxative. If you're a cheap-ass, SoulSeek that shit asap! This is one of the best electronic releases I've ever heard. Even though this isn't dubstep, I thought I'd bring it up anyway since we're on the topic of killer electronica stuff.

I love Reason and I can't imagine making electronica without it. I usually use a combination of 3-4 programs that all run through Cubase as VSTs.
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