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Basically: do you you like it or do you think its shit?

Personally I've been getting into it... there's plenty of shit out there but lots of cool stuff, too. I even started writing some (harder than it sounds once you try it, damn). I always loved lots of bass my whole life, and by that I mean just the tone. So this mid-bass, frequency-mashing, rhythmically insane genre that I've been missing out on is turning out to be great. You'll find all sorts of subdivions/tuplets rhythmically, which mostly carries the pieces. Even weird shit occasionally like 5 or 7-tuplets.

I've always been listening to/writing electronic music, but I forgot if anybody else listens to this stuff? It might be that dubstep is just a nice change from the trance/techno vibe that has existed forever. I still love that stuff when it's done right, but dubstep is a nice breath of fresh air compared...

I'm gonna try listening to some Rusko or Skream... I've just been hopping around aimlessly finding stuff that sounds good. Those guys are supposed to be big in the "dubstep" thing...

Lemme know if you guys are into this, or just call me a fag and lets get this over with
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