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setup, its a few months old.

JCM 800 2203
JCM 900 MK3 2100
JCM 800 Cab (celestion 65s)

93 Gibson Les Paul Studio

Maxon 808
Boss TU-2
Radial ABY
EH memory man akai

Sold the ABY and gave my friend back his memory man since I quit the band I was in. Trying to track down a Boss HM-2 to use in a new project I'm starting with a few friends. Probably a DL-4 to run loops and samples between songs, maybe to do some weird shit with, who knows. Probably selling the 900 to a friend thats playing in the band with me, maybe getting a 2x15 and a Sunn Coliseum Lead. Dunno.
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The one time I go to check this thread, it mentions me getting fucked by a dude.

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