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Thanks for the feedback, I've been swinging back and forth between rather liking it and discarding it as superficial nonsense. It's one of those highly personal pieces, but, as I've always said, once some else reads it, the meaning isn't really my headache any more. Just a few observations on some of my own less than uplifting backstory and the concept of what you might call getting the insight shoved down your throat without the perspective and thinking that you know anything. Followed by something I've found quite interesting, that is, the worth of just taking a step back and not taking yourself so bloody seriously, and rounding off with the observation that few things in life are so rewarding as facing your fears and saying "not without a fight".
Yea, I choose the word "child" as a sort of symbolic admission to the notion that in many respects you'll always be as a child compared to someone or something else. Plus, for me, there's a timeline stretching over several years here.

But meh, anyhow, once in the open it's free for the taking!
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