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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
And what you say in Chitchat makes me ill

My sweet rap piece, entitled: Blood in my Chud

My devlish skills are so fucking tight
That spots of blood pepper my shite
But nothing makes my ass bleed more
Than the half-aborted puddle-babies roaming this board

When you're not wasting my time by droppin' what you'd call "knowledge"
You're PMing me your cock measurements and your porn vids from college
Even though I've given no clue during my time on this forum
That I'm in any way deviant or out of the norm

So stop fucking telling me about what you do to midgets
I got shit to do, and places to visit
Like yo' mama's chest, on which I lay my chud
In the hopes of her rotting clitoris soaking up the blood

Her pendulous titties, with their porous pear-skin feel,
Make titty-fucking her feel like I'm molesting a seal
So give dat bitch a handful of top-quality moisturiser
And I'll be back 'round tomorrow with my patented Analiser™

And so here we are, back where we started
My turds are still bloody, and you're still retarded
But never fear my friend, for I have an idea
I'm off to find a woman who's immune to gonorrhoea.

P.S. I forgot to mention
That I've come up with a new invention
It's basically a dildo with serrated teeth on the head
Which when rubbed will spurt an arcing jet of molten lead

"What use is that?", I hear you asking
Well FUCK you, you ungrateful spastic
Go to fucking Ann Summers if you want a non-lethal love-limb
Or hire a fucking "life coach" who'll tell you you're thin
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