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i take it you had no stage monitors?
a good venue will have 2 or 3 stage monitors so the band can hear themselves, as well as huge monitors on each side of the stage to blast sound into the crowd.

the set up should'nt be too difficult, having a an amp on each side of the drummer (not behind, but not too much in front of the drummer, about equal with him) is perfect, you have your left and right guitar (if you're not a noob and know how to use panning ;]) the bass amp can be set up to the side, or next to the drummer, and move one of the amps over.
in a 3 guitar set up 2 amps are on one side of the drummer and a guitar and bass are on the other side.

I honestly think your biggest problem is that it was an outside venue, sound travels, and dissapates, where as indoors the sound has acoustic and reverb values.

it's kinda like farting in a car, if the windows are up, everyone's going to smell it.
if the windows are down it can dissipate and go out the window.

some outdoor venues (such as jannus landing in St Pete) are outdoors yet still have acoustics, Jannus Landing is in the middle of 4 buildings, sort of like a square, it might aswell be indoors without a roof.

try playing an indoor venue, you will only have to turn up about halfway, and if the sound system is good, and everything is mic-ed properly, everything will sound mad good.
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