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They're presumably hipster because they're young dudes from the hipster epicenter in Brooklyn. I know that in some of the 'true'-er movements in Europe (I know this for a fact in Poland), which are, to say the least, fairly removed from hipsterdom, these guys are the only American band considered to be worth a damn. Though I guess Dame Fra Morkum is the authority.

I've met Colin Marston a time or two, but the rhythm section of Krallice is made up of two friends of mine from college (which is how I've met Marston), and those are the guys I'd claim to 'know.' Mostly because I've known them for years and this is the latest in a succession of bands of theirs I've listened to. It just also happens to be a million times bigger than the other ones.

But seriously, I'd expect to hear the charge of 'hipster' leveled against them more than once, being as they are young, artsy dudes from Williamsburg and Bushwick.
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