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Yeah, that's always plus. I was so excited to hear he joined Gorguts. Fucking perfect match.

Listening more (I should note that I've only listened to the three songs they have available on the myspace), I think that I'm turned off by the Baroque-esque writing it has and that's always been a 'style' I've never enjoyed. Excessive writing and complexity, even though it isn't wankery, quickly looses my interested especially when a lot of the riffs slip by unnoticed. It's still semi-good and interesting though and my favorite song of the three is Energy Chasm - I think it's got the best atmosphere which is something I look for in BM. Maybe I'll pick the album up just to give it a real chance as I feel like I could start liking this. I'm just really picky with my Black Metal I guess.

Your album of the day is right up my alley, however!
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