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Coachella 2010 (FAITH NO MORE!)

The last two Coachella's have had a pretty shit line-up and to be honest, so does this one. However it has a few redeeming bands:

1.) Faith No More
2.) Thom Yorke
3.) The Dillinger Escape Plan (and I pray, pray, pray that since Patton will be around that he'll do a guest song with them).

Coachella is a 3-day festival but there will be NO single-day tickets being sold for the first time ever which is complete and utter bullshit as I'm not going to fork out $269 to see a few bands surrounded by an avalanche of shitty indie pretentious bullshit that Coachella has become. Especially considering where California is right now, I think its fucking horrible that they expect each and every person, many of whom like myself would just be going for a day/two to see a few bands, to fork out almost $300 dollars. Also take in consideration money for lodging (which is also hard to get because everything gets booked months in advance), food, gas, drinks, etc - you're looking at $500+ easily.

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